Monday, March 11, 2013

Depressed Turn Around

The Turn Around
By: Cody Fogarty

1) To not listen to what people say to/about them. Being bullied is not the end of the world.
2) What i think works well in this is how it’s telling it from a first person point of view. The thing that was easy to write was kind of relating to it.
3) What is not working well is how it’s not done.

4) No questions asked. If it is good enough. No.

Running down the street in tears, I, Michael Stevenson, have been bullied 4 years. And today, once again i’ve been bullied. I was walking down the street minding my own business and thinking about everything that’s happened in life. And then, it happened again, there was these group of kids chilling under a tree sitting on there bikes smoking weed. They noticed me and started calling me names, making front of me, and saying how I should kill myself and die. Once that happened, i ran home. I walked into my house and my mom asked me why i was crying. I was to afraid to tell her what really happened. So i told her that i fell and got really hurt and that a stick stabbed my side. She then asked me if i was alright. I proceeded to tell her, “Yes mom, i’m fine”. I then went to my room, still in tears, and buried my face in my pillow and cried myself to sleep hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.

The next day, I got up, got ready, and left my house again. I started walking to a specific place that no really anyone knows about. It’s like my place to be when i want to be alone and cry without anyone noticing. After i got done there, i decided to walk around even more because i didn’t want to go home and have my mom ask me why i was crying once again. I’m too afraid to tell her what’s really happening with everything that everyone is doing to me. When i was walking I noticed my best and only friend. She saw me, asked me what’s wrong. So i told her because she’s the only one i trust with everything.

After i got done talking to her, she cheered me up and made things better at the time. But I know more things would happen. So stood there, next to her, and kept telling her over and over again, thank you, it really means a lot and then i hugged her. She then continued to say, don’t thank me, you’ve always been here for me so i’m going to be here for you.

That same night, I was in my room, thinking to myself, and i just started to cry once again. It’s hard to be happy and smile now. I’ve been dealing with so much bullying and i have finally had enough. So i thought about suicide. I realized it would make me feel better, but how will it make the people who actually care about and love me feel? They wouldn’t like it, so suicide is NOT the answer. Once again, i went to sleep depressed.

The next day i went to her (the one person i trust) house, and asked her if she wanted to hang out so i can talk to her. She then proceeded to say yes just wait a couple minutes. So when she got done doing whatever she had to do, she walked outside of her house and asked me what’s wrong because she realized me tearing up. I told her everything that happened last night. And she said if i killed myself she would. I just kept saying no, over and over again. I don’t want her too. She made me realize how much some people actually care about me. And she’s the one person that cares about me more than anyone.

She started to cry, i felt bad, i then proceeded to hug her to make her and myself feel better. I told her thank you, thank you for always being here for me, having someone to talk to whenever i have too, just thank you for everything. You’re the only one that makes me happy anymore. You mean the world to me. She said aww, you mean the world to me too and there isn’t anything i wouldn’t do for you. But you shouldn’t be thanking me. You’ve always been here for me and i’m going to be here for you. I then said i’ll always be here for you, no matter what happens and i promise i won’t kill myself.

That same day, when i was walking home, i happen to see one of the people from that group that kept saying things to me. But surprisingly he came up to me, i got scared and i thought he was going to hit me or something. But instead he said sorry. I said sorry for what...? He then explained why he was sorry.

It seems like things are starting to turn around, i thought. So that cheered me up a little. When i was walking down the street i decided to go to her house again and tell her what happened. When i knocked on the door, she answered, and i told her what just happened. She seemed so happy for me. Even she said things are probably turning around. “See! I told you things were going to get better! Now look at you, you’re smiling and i haven’t seen that smile in a while c;. I’m glad to see you finally happy and smiling. After everything you’ve been through, you deserve it. You’re a strong person. Don’t ever think about suicide. You’re better than that. Promise me you’ll stay happy?” I promise, I said. I know i’ve said this a lot, but thank you for always being here. It means a lot. But now i have to go, as i hug her, i’ll talk to you later. Goodnight. :P


  1. °⌂°
    1. Michael getting bullied.
    2.MIchael gets happier towards the end of the story.
    3.My favorite part of the story is when Michael goes to the spot by him self because it makes me think of the spot that i have too.
    4.The dialogue
    5.The theme is getting bullied
    6.The main thing the author needs to do is get a better dialogue.

  2. 1. The conflict of the story was that michael stevenson was gettingg bullied every single day for the past four years and thought about suicide. he always cried a lot. The conflict was sloved by the bullys saying sorry and that there was his one friend who made him feel wanted.
    2. At the beginning He was very depressed and would cry every day but he kept it to himself :(
    at the end he realized that suicide was not the answer and that he is needed/is important life and things can only get better.
    3. My favorite part of the story was when he hugs his friend and they both cry it out. It was inspiring
    4. The tale's best quality is the plot and how he stays strong and ignores the bulling by talking to his friend
    5. The theme is depression and how to overcome it
    6. I think u need to put quotations around the dialog. Other than that, this story was emotional and sad :'(